My Inspiration

Here is a selection of some of the men and women that in my opinion have made some of the greatest contributions to design and craftsmanship. I am constantly in awe of their works and their understanding of design.

Richard RiemerschmidRichard Reimerschmid:1868-1957. Architect, Designer and founding member of the Deutche Werkbund.
At the time Germany was one of Europe’s biggest contributors to design, and saw the development of a new style; Jugendstil or young art. It drew much recognition particularly through its overseas counterparts in the arts and crafts community. Riemerschmid was instrumental in the growth of this style and where he creative genius solidified his legacy was in bridging the gap between the underlying principles of the Arts and Crafts Movement and a commitment to modern design principles in an industrialized society.

Dard HunterDard Hunter:1883-1966 Author/Papermaker/Typeface designer.

This was a man after my own heart, he had the drive and passion to be the first person the manufacture handmade paper in the US , but not only that he built his first factory based on a 17th century devonshire cottage powered by a water wheel. At that time he saw the vast progress made by the industrial revolution and became concerned that hand crafts not be sacrificed in the name of progress.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh: 1868-1928 Architect, Designer, Water colourist and Artist. He was part of the Glasgow Four who collectively created the Arts and Crafts movement in Scotland. Mackintosh found his style in the development into Art Nouveau. His organic designs, balance a fine line of simple lines and ornate embellishments

Here are a few other important names to mention:

Margaret Macdonald,

Mackay Hugh Baille Scott,

Frank Lloyd Wright,

Greene and Greene,

John Mclaren,

Edwin Lutyens,

Aillen Gray,

William Morris.


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